Ignore. This is kind of like a todo/wish list. Or maybe never. Term Rewriting Systems [s]

MtG decks


A log of decks that I built or draft decks I ended up with. Okay maybe not so long depending on how often I'll do a magic draft. Which, it turns out, may not be that often after all. I'm just listing it for the sake of having it somewhere. Maybe I ca...

Free startup ideas


An ever growing list of random startup ideas in no particular order... - CCG with full online/offline integration Collectible card game (like mtg) with a good client that recognizes cards and can put them into your account. Cards would have ...

Zenbook UX501VW-FJ024T and xubuntu 15.10 (attempt 2)


This is continued from . State of affairs: Trying to properly setup xubuntu on a Zenbook UX501VW-FJ024T (2016 model). The zenbook has an intel and nvidia vga, 512gb ssd, 16g ram, and a Q...

Zenbook UX501VW-FJ024T and xubuntu 15.10 (attempt 1)


This is a like a log of my travels trying to get stuff to work on a 2016 model Asus Zenbook (UX501VW-FJ024T) on Xubuntu 15.10. At the time of writing, 16.04 and 16.04.1 are a no-go, as it doesn't even properly boot up. There are a number of things br...

Fresh xubuntu install setup


For my own reference, these are some of the steps to do after installing a fresh xubuntu. ymmv, wfm. Install git (apt-get install git) before updating the bashrc because I use git as part of the prompt. Setup ~/.bashrc...

Xubuntu 16 on a Zenbook


This is for trying to get 16.04 on a fresh Asus Zenbook 2016 (in particular, this is a UX501VW-FJ024T). Download the image for 15.10 because 16.04 and 16.04.1 crash shortly after booting. You can press escape once the (x)ubuntu install loading scr...

Creating a graph from cli


Well, sort of from cli. GraphViz is a nice tool for this. You can easily automatically generate the connections and produce a nice graph. Lots of options, basics are simple enough. Capable of outputting in various outputs, including png and pdf. ...

Out there alien conversations


Some notes for a game. As you were :) Header will tell you number of sentences dot word count (lines.words) of first sentence for easy filtering. The are things that occur when you arrive at a new planet. A very few have alien words and choices...

parrot zik3 linux


After long debating I got me the Parrent Zik 3 headphones. I was looking for a wireless set of headphones with good battery and good sound quality. I kept landing on the zik3 or the momentum2. I checked the momentums in a store but they seemed too sm...