Flash in ubuntu 64bit


Soooo you want to install the flash plugin on your fresh Ubuntu 11.04 64bit system. You're coming from a windows environment and figure, "that shouldn't be difficult". Right. Think again.

You go to the adobe site where you get a nice dropdown for downloading it. The button opens to the "Ubuntu software center". There it says Available from the "natty-partner" source.. K, fine. You obviously have no idea what the hell that means, but you click the "use this source" button as the mindless drone that you are. Some buzzing later, nothing happens. The hell?

So... to fix it here's what you do. By the way, "natty partner" refers to the code name of this version of Ubuntu; "Natty Narwhal" (god knows where that came from). I still don't know anything beyond that, though :) Anyways, a google led me to this page, where I found the following instruction*. That worked for me. Good luck :)

Code: (console)
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sevenmachines/flash && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install flashplugin64-installer
By the way, at the time of writing the flash plugin for 64bit linux (at least the first thing I tried in fx4) had a terrible lag in sound. There's about half a second to a second delay. What the hell... And yes, I know it's alpha, but really?

Hope it helps you

* I don't actually randomly execute arbitrary things, don't worry :)