Early raycaster


This is a simple raycasting thingie. Just a proof of concept. Don't think too much of it because it still needs some refinement. The rest of this header is just filler because I'm just too busy to properly fix up my site and everything so whatever. Okay that should be enough.

First canvas is the texture. Second the minimap where the rays are shown. Black dots are where collisions were checked. Third is ... well you get the idea. You can move the mouse over the minimap to move the position. If it crashes you'll need to reload. This just a step during the work in progress. Obviously. Fiddle here

Mainly posting this for my own log. Just wasted about a day on rewriting that new casting algorithm to be what it is here. Ohwell :)

Later version (fiddle) with much better texture rendering support (maybe a little too much on the qfox side ;)). Move the mouse on the 2.5d canvas for camera movement: