Fresh xubuntu install setup


For my own reference, these are some of the steps to do after installing a fresh xubuntu. ymmv, wfm.

Install git (apt-get install git) before updating the bashrc because I use git as part of the prompt.

Setup ~/.bashrc. Mainly add the following three items (serve alias, color prompt, and git-prompt):

# open temp webserver for current folder. supports port param,
# defaults to 8000. ports under 1024 require root (sudo).
alias serve='python -m SimpleHTTPServer'

# ... later down in the file


# find the main color prompt PS1 assignment and override it with:
PS1='$(__git_ps1 "(\[\033[01;32m\]%s\[\033[0m\]) ")\[\033[01;34m\]\w\[\033[00m\]\$ '

Ermagerd setup case insensitive tab auto-complete in bash by adding set completion-ignore-case on to /etc/inputrc (why not ~/.bashrc? beats me.). Requires sudo (but perhaps there's another file that achieves the same, I did not check).

Install chrome. Just google for "chrome english" (not dutch argh). Apt install chromium-browser. Install opera from website. Install dropbox from website.

Install java (for webstorm). sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jre (iirc, and otherwise jdk).

Install webstorm 11. Use google and find the other versions download page. I tend to extract the archive to some folder, keep the name as is, then symlink webstorm to that and install from the symlink. That way an upgrade is trivial by repointing the symlink to the new folder. Though their new licensing scheme is bullshit so I don't upgrade that often anymore... :/

Apt install keepassx (password manager), git (oh come on), htop (cli cpu/mem usage), bwm-ng (network usage), and powertop (htop for battery).

Copy git cert (from ~/.ssh/*.priv). Add to ~/.ssh/config. If .ssh dir doesn't exist, create it. Same for config.
Add ssh timeout to ~/.ssh/config (ServerAliveInterval 30). Example for ~/.ssh/config:

IdentityFile /home/user/.ssh/special.priv

Host *
ServerAliveInterval 30

Make sure to set permissions on the certificates (the privs) to rw for owner only, none for rest (chmod 0600 file.priv). This will be required.

Install dropbox. Download from website. Make sure it's synced up.

Change red and light-black to something slightly lighter (terminal prefs through menu) so they are better to read in black terminals (git will use these colors directly so diffs become better to read).

Install nodejs. Npm is pretty much dead in the water without it. No longer install nodejs through npm but through git:

git clone
git checkout v<your version>
// get some coffee, watch a movie, then
sudo make install

Install npm. Then update itself to current version (sudo npm -g install npm). Then repeat that step (it went from v1 to v2 to v3 for me).

Install grunt-cli (sudo npm -g install grunt-cli).

Install Steam. Download client and install. Then run the 64bit fixes (really, Steam?) from here up to the ldconfig line. After running that steam worked for me so the rest was not needed. It seems Steam wised up and apt-get installs these packages for you now. It works out of the box for me now.

Install skype. Download from website. The 12.04 version, yes :/

Install irc (I install xchat-gnome for lack of much better...).