Spam source?


At some point you're going to wonder whether there isn't just one source from which all the big spam attacks origin from. When you look at the format of the spam there appears to be a clear evolution.For example. Currently there's a major spam flood coming with emails pretending to be registration emails. You're asked to use the temp login on a website (ip link, always suspicious) to create a permanent login. Appears to me to be a phishing site, but I haven't checked any out.The stream of spam before this was pdf spam. Emails containing your email-name (the part before the @ sign) sometimes in the subject and most of the times as part of the filename of the pdf (easy to filter for that). I haven't opened any of the pdfs but I'm sure they're all the same.So for every flood of spam there appears to be a clear 'signature' of the spam. The attacks overflow in each other. Just when pdf spam is cooling down, the registration spam begins.But could it perhaps be an idea to track down the source of these spam floods? Every spam is sent with a specific goal. To sell something or to make you visit their site or to gain information (phishing). If they were to check out those ips all those spams are referring to and tie them to one person you can probably go a long way. Or perhaps you can try to buy one of those products.Perhaps the real scary spam is aimed for nothing but product familiarity... Creepy--En starting today, fake-youtube spam (link in email will NOT go to youtube, but to an ip that has nothing to do with it...)