Aptana Search files list view


A powerful feature in any IDE is the ability to search through arbitrary files. Of course Aptana has this feature too. Although, no, wait, Aptana 3 doesn't! Anyways, this is about Aptana 2, which does have the search files feature. However, there are three ways of displaying the search results: "Show as list", "Show as tree" and "Show Matches". The tree version is okay, but I find it kind of tedious. In that regard I like the list view much better. The matches view, which in my Aptana seems to be screwed in that it won't update unless you explicitly switch views, is the most powerful. Especially with a few matches.

The big question is, "How do you switch between search result views?". I had to google an elaborate search query before finding the answer. Mind you, there is nothing about this in the options, where one might expect it.

You have to have a search result tab/panel. In the top, right hand side of that panel you see a few icons. One of them is a downward arrow. Pressing it will show you the three views. Sigh, there you go.

Hope it helps you