Debian cheat sheet


So after running Ubuntu for three months, I think it's time to move on to Debian. There are still some issues I have with Ubuntu and I'm hoping a different distro might fix at least some of them. Of course, new environment means new caveats. So that's what this page is supposed to track. It is a Debian specific supplement to the Ubuntu cheat sheet I already created.

Note: after a few minutes, I ditched Debian. So this is a very short sheet :p

Beware: this cheat sheet is built through using Debian 6.0. Use at your own risk :)

So new users are not added to the list of "sudoers" by default. This adds a few burdens, but can be easily fixed :) First we change to the super user (that's called root in the Linux world).

(More on su.) You have to enter the root password, which is different from your own. When installing Debian, you were asked to enter a password for root. That's what you use now. Next you edit the file of sudoers. This, it seems, can only be done like this (source):

You'll be put in a simple text editor, nano in my case. I would have expected vi, for some reason. But whatever. Anywhere (but logically below the line for root) you add: username ALL=(ALL) ALL, replacing username with your own username. After that you save the new file with ctrl+o (not s ;)) and exit with ctrl+x. You can press ctrl+d to "exit su mode".

If at any point you need to "change the linux command" bla, you'll be looking for /etc/default/grub (use root or sudo to change this). After that, run sudo update-grub. There will be a not-found error if you're not some kind of root (sudo is fine). Weird.

System monitor: