Tile scroll demo


So I built a fancy Javascript application where some actor moves around in the screen. When the actor hits an invisible border near the center, the background starts scrolling and the actor stops moving. When the edge of the grid is reached, the actor continues moving. This gives a very natural movement feeling.

Once I finished that, I created a very simple editor (using Canvas). Once I was playing with dataUrls I figured server interaction wasn't needed, and I used sessionStorage to save the images. The editor allows you to create new tiles which can later be used for the "game".

After the tile editor was done, a grid editor seemed like the most logical next step. This editor allows you to change the order and setup of the grid of the "game".

And that's what it ended up being. A nice scrolling grid demo. A nice foundation for a small rpg game ;)

I do have plans on expanding it, adding collision detections, additional actors (enemies, npc's), plugins, storyline and a more parallaxic feeling (or at least the ability to add it). But I'm not sure when I'll have the time so this might all never leave the planning phase :)

Hope you enjoy it!