PHP parsing time


Ok so I'm curious. I'm trying to tweak my site a little, but I have no means to compare the parsing speeds to other sites.These are the stats for the overview page, after loading it a couple of times. Are they fast or slow?Queries (5):Initialization: 0.0096099376678467 s[0.0011258125305176] SELECT statement for last 100 log titlesLeft menu: 0.0040419101715088 s[0.00055503845214844] SELECT statement for center (get last 10 logs)[0.00048494338989258] SELECT statement to get replies for those logs (with GROUP BY)Center: 0.0027480125427246 s[0.00028300285339355] SELECT statement for poll[0.00084495544433594] SELECT statement for last 20 repliesRight menu: 0.0074300765991211 sTotal parsetime: 0.023900032043457 s (for queries: 0.0032937526702881, 13.78 %)