GCW screwed


Wow... www.gamecopyworld.com, one of the so far best known, most reliable, most trustworthy and most complete site with nocd-patches and trainers for games, doesn't offer these nocd-patches anymore!I don't know what exactly happened, I can't find anything about it on google, but they probably lost a lawsuit. Well it's been fun while it lasted.Well, it's popularity will probably drop now it became a trainer site. Since that's the only thing they're offering now. Still handy though ;)PS.A nocd-patch enables you to play the game without the original cd inserted. This saves loading times and the annoyance of having to have the original cd inserted whenever you want to play the game. The obvious downside is that the game can be pirated.A trainer is an application that enables you to cheat in a game. While the program runs in the background you can make yourself invulnerable at the press of a key, give yourself cash, fly, disable the timelimit and so forth. Behind the title of a trainer is a number like +5. The number indicates the number of cheats the trainer offers. More is better :)