This is a call for sponsors for js1k 2013; Spring.

As before, your sponsorship means supporting a simple though widely loved competition of contriving a JavaScript application composed of no more than 1024 bytes. If you're not yet familiar with the concept, please checkout out the previous competitions at

What you get

What you see (in previous years) is what you get. Your name as honerable mention, supporting this coding challenge. You get no say in the competition, no place in the jury, no information about the contestants (other than what you can find publicly, of course). I want to be very clear about that up front. I run no ads, I don't ask for money for my own. All sponsorship goes directly into the prizes.

How much or what to sponsor

Anything. But before you go offer me an account of your favourite service; please ask yourself this: "If I were to compete, would I really want to win this?". If you're just going to sponsor a free account to some paid service it either better be very popular, or not be the only thing you offer. Otherwise it feels to me like you're trying to make a cheap promotion of your service. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate all offers, but don't like to be abused that way :)

You can offer cash, credit for some website, toys, books, or something in line of that. Check out the prizes from previous years if you want to get an idea.


As I said, anything I receive for js1k goes directly into a prize for the winner. There are no ads on the js1k site, I need no money for running the compo. Just seeing the awesome stuff people submit makes it worthwhile for me. Hosting doesn't cost me anything beyond what I already pay anyways.


If you want me to put anything up on the website, contact me on twitter at @kuvos (or @js1k if you don't trust me ;)), or if you just want to email me about it send an email to (this is obviously a temporary address :)).

Social yo

Spread the word! If you think your boss might be interested, ask him! If you think you know a company that wants to support these kind of geeky competitions and can spare, even like 50$, tell them about this! Seriously, what is 50 bucks for any company?

The competition is going to start in two or three weeks. You have until the end to offer stuff. The sooner you do so, the more exposure you'll get ;)