type=code for textareas


Textareas certainly are a strange beast with many applications. One application I find myself using them often for is code, in one way or another. And every time I find myself searching for attributes to disable in such occassions. Stuff like spell checking, auto capitalize, auto correct, wrap, tabbing, tab-size, etc. So annoying when you just want to edit code...

Therefore I propose a simple "html5" extension; a type="code" attribute on <textarea>. Or well, propose... more like, I suggest it here for somebody to pick up :p

If a textarea is of type code, I would expect very basic and generic code editing behavior from the text area. That means disabling the spell checker, a pretty monospace font, proper tabbing behavior, etc. It doesn't need to be a full blown IDE (although language="c++" kind of support with built-in highlighting would be pretty sweet), but just some simple stuff you know?

Ahwell... Wishfull thinking?