Kaladesh Moon booster box stats


The last for now is the Kaladesh booster box. These are the stats for one booster box. A box contains 36 boosters. A booster contains 15 magic cards and one marketing card. The booster has "slots" for rarity; 1 land or random foil card, 1 rare, 3 uncommon, and 10 commons. 1 in every 8 boosters should have a mythical rare instead of a regular rare. The foil and flip cards have their own rarity distribution (so it _is_ possible for a booster to contain 3 rares or myths, just highly unlikely).

See previous posts for more details.

According to mtgcollectionbuilder.com I've got 540 cards (out of 540). Yay, finally all cards. I just manually entered them rather than scanning them. It's just faster that way. The scanning process is a little dodgy and then the exporting/importing/double checking ... you're just doing three times the work. So this should be the complex box.

I noticed that in two cases a booster would have a land card and another foil land. That's a little weird to me because I thought land/foil was the same slot. This was near the end so it's hard for me to say now, but there's definitely something up there. Maybe those boosters just contain one fewer common.

With this box I got 221/274 cards, about 80% of the cards. I noticed that the site was also adding the "special" cards from the duel set in here, though. So these numbers are a little skewed in my oppinion. I think so because those cards can not be attained through boosters, but rather only by buying that duel deck set. I got it, but I mean, it's not the same.

The marketing cards were okay this time. Just two crappy double faced marketing cards. Also; 24x servo, 8x thopter, 2x construct, 1x beast, 1x nissa's emblem, 1x chandra's emblem. Oh good, should just put those emblems in the duel decks instead.

The most expensive card I got in this box is "Chandra, Torch of Defiance" at $16. Furthermore; "Smuggler's Copter" ($8), "Spirebluff Canal" (twice) ($4.80), "Dovin Baan" ($3.80), "Inspiring Vantage" ($3.30), "Aetherworks Marvel" ($2.55), "Panharmonicon" ($2.35), "Blooming Marsh" ($2.20), and 2x "Aether Hub" ($1.25). The rest $1 or lower. That's not so bad. I got the most expensive card, but clearly am missing out on many of the others hard hitters. Still, at an estimated $76 I can't complain. That's nearly the price of a box.

I got 5 mythical rares, once again beating the 4.5 per box odds. That means I got 31 rares, and a foil rare (which doesn't count towards the 36 rares/box).

There were 8 foils, two of them are lands, one was rare. Par for the course I guess.

I liked this set. Feel like it was well worth the money. The new vehicle expansion looks nice as well. Apparently there's a "masterwork" rarity addition where 1 in 144 boosters can contain this type of card. I think that's a little bullshit, but I'm probably just hating because I didn't get to beat those odds :) They seem to sell for anything between 20 and 500 bucks, depending.

Okay, story time's over. Back to precons.