IP Battle


I've been working on a small project this week. It belongs to a category I like to call "passive gameplay". Playing a game without actually doing anything at all. I came across this gametype for the first time on IRC at something called IDLERPG. I now created a similar "game" where you don't have to do anything to participate.I've always been fascinated by the concept of IDLERPG. I'm not sure why, but I enjoyed the fact of playing a game by not playing it. Maybe it's the originality of the goal. I don't know.IP Battle uses the same type of passive gameplay. The only thing you have to do is visit the website, ipbattle.qfox.nl. At every visit you launch an "attack". The properties of this attack (power, range, speed) depend only on the combination of your IP. So you don't have to do anything for this, in fact, you can't! Except visiting the website with a different IP.But it gets better. By visiting this website you actually already launched an attack. The image next to the link in the top left corner is in fact a php script. This script returns, after computing an attack, an image indicating the success of the attack or tell you you have to wait for your next attack.For more information on the game check out the website. If you still don't understand the concept or don't understand the fun of it, I can't really help you. And if you're not a nerd, there's nothing to be ashamed about that! ;)