Sunsetting qFox


I've decided to deprecate my "qFox" nickname. That wasn't an easy choice, mind you, just one that made the most sense. I've inadvertently created somewhat of a brand of "kuvos" leading to most people only knowing "qfox" from my website (and not understanding wtf is up with that).

So after long consideration I decided to bite the bullet, buy "", and move to a more sensible name where possible. I'll still keep "kuvos" while trying to rename "qfox" away. Well, this mostly means moving the website and github as the rest where it is used isn't part of the major public and not as relevant.

So that probably explains that. Still a little undecided whether to use or as domain name. For now I prefer for my domain and we'll see where it goes. You can still go to the .com to get here so I feel suffices as an alternative since .ee isn't a common tld and may lead to confuse some people. In those cases I can still just say .com and it'll be fine, and look nice. If I decide against the .ee I can still easily swap the mirror around with little pain.

Mail is still undecided. No hurry there since remains mine and there's absolutely no reason to let it expire. What do you think, is should the email go through the .ee or .com domain?

I'd like to mention that Github's rename process is really smooth. I was able to immediately reclaim my old account to prevent identity abuse. And they'll forward existing repos until the new account-owner creates a repo with the same name. Which, of course, won't happen. This means that will forward to and that's really nice. They could have just made it an option but I'm not complaining.

One of the reasons that I didn't want to bother changing twitter handle is that my old tweets would not be forwarded. I could not bear the linkrot that a twitter-handle-switch would ensue. And of course neither "@pvdz" nor "@pvdzee" were available, anyways

Anyways. I've carefully considered this choice for half a year and ultimately went through with it. So far no regrets. I'm still a little sad to let go of the "qFox" nickname. We've had some good times. Now it's just time to move on.