Ultima Online (UO) is a MMORPG existing since 1997. I've honestly got no idea how popular the game is these days, but there were quite some people in the game so I guess it's still ok. This is quite an accomplishment if you ask me, when looking at the graphical level and the age of the game.This year they exist ten years. To celebrate their birthday they let old players with inactive accounts return for a week for free. They did that last year, when I played for a weekend. EA (owner of UO) obviously hopes players will return for longer and start paying for their old accounts again. For me (and many others) it's just a way to take a look into the current life of UO. Although I don't doubt many players will shortly return to play the new expansion.UO will probably always have a special place in my heart :p Unfortunately, or luckily, I'm well aware of the fact I can't just start playing this game. Once I start I don't stop until I drop. Yesterday I logged in for the first time in a year (since the last free return to Brittania program :p) and I played for the entire afternoon and evening.Why am I so fixated on this game? What's my attraction to RPG's. Leveling? Collecting? Fighting and the challenge? Communcating with others? Exploration? What's so damned addicting to these games...Anyways, I'm not planning to return. Not permanently anyways. But every now and then a free trip is nice. I should probably start worrying about it when they open the game for free permanently... ;)PS.I've still got a Bard/Tamer, Inscription Mage, Full Mule, Dexer and a Red Mage :D (links only work for a certain period)