Past month


So I'm here at FalsyValues in Poland, listening to Douglas talking about heads being gut, sitting next to Tom (@sh1mmer) and finally just winding down writing a set of blog posts. Finally. The past month has been madness. So many things happening and so many new impressions while trying very hard to make certain personal and professional deadlines.

So first I actually quit at Q42. I had my week of "vacation" during which I gave a js workshop, which was good. Went to the States for the first time in about twelve years. Visited my aunt for a week. Went to, for the first time, and presented Zeon.js and the js1k winners. Started at Uxebu. Went to the Mobilism conference. Built a Mario game in like tree days (see blog post and code later). Gave a game workshop with Kornel (@pornelski). And now finally the conference day here in Poland.

I've met soooo many people. People I know, people I "knew" but never met in rl and people I simply didn't know. So many impressions. So much information. It's really coming to a point where I'm happy to be staying at home for a few weeks, you know? And yet, I really enjoyed the past few weeks. I'm playing on a whole new level now and I need to keep up. And I am. I think ;)

JSConf was awesome. Two days of great talks with awesome people and really well organized parties. Hat tip to Chris Williams and Laura for organizing that. Keep it up :D

Mobilism was nice too. Although I couldn't really find myself in the talks (no offense) I really enjoyed the crowd and event as a whole.

And this week was FalsyValues. Workshops were good, I enjoyed giving them. Met some more new people, think I'm almost complete with the people I needed to meet :p Although there are still a few out there. But I'm sure that'll be sorted out in the next conference season :)

So now I finally have (or at least can give myself) the time to write a set of blog posts that I have been postponing in favor of doing these projects. I hope you enjoy them :)