Book reports


I've offered to review some books and write blog posts about them. Note that my oppinions will be those from my own point of view: an experienced coder with a lot knowledge of all things web (html, css and general web things) and proficient in JavaScript speak. That's both theoretical and practical. That said, I will try to rate books to their targeted audience. So I won't burn down a book for being too easy if they're geared towards new programmers (but I might not even accept reviewing it ;). I'm not a great proof reader, but I can support one.

If you want me to review your/a book, get in touch with me (you'll have to send me the book) and I'll let you know if I'm interested. Generally, I'm only interested in web related books. No Flash/Silverlight books please. Be advised that books have to be shipped to the Netherlands :) I can only do Dutch and English books.

I don't have a heckuvalot of time, but I doubt I'll get that many offers for that to be a problem :)

Again, be warned, I speak my mind.

And to think I used to dread book reports. I can hear my old language teachers laugh already... :p