No webgl 1k


The past few weeks I've been hinting at a webgl sub compo for js1k. I figured with all the kick ass stuff being made with js1k, something beautiful would come from webgl for sure. But you see, my only experience with webgl was a simple proof of concept, porting a 2d canvas app to webgl. While doing so, I seemed to use plenty of js and the obligatory shaders were only a minor part. It turns out that was not quite correct.

You see, most of the js in a webgl app is boiler plate to get webgl going. The magic of webgl is actually in the so called shaders. And shaders are actually a language of their own, called GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language). And while glsl in some way looks like js, it simply isn't.

So that forced me to make a choice. I had actually everything prepared for the sub compo, including some very fancy prices. But that was before I discovered that the competition would be all about shaders, or more to the point, about glsl. I guess @p01 had literally warned me about that. But I guess I didn't really understand the consequence of that yet. Knowing what I know now, it doesn't seem to me like a contest around glsl would fit js1k.

Maybe I'll do a glsl1k some day. Maybe you could do it. I would suggest to wait out gl64k and js1k though... :)