Eldritch Moon booster box stats


Next up is Eldritch Moon. These are the stats for one booster box. A box contains 36 boosters. A booster contains 15 magic cards and one marketing card. The booster has "slots" for rarity; 1 land or random foil card, 1 rare, 3 uncommon, 1 flip card, and 9 commons. 1 in every 8 boosters should have a mythical rare instead of a regular rare. The foil and flip cards have their own rarity distribution (so it _is_ possible for a booster to contain 3 rares or myths, just highly unlikely).

See previous posts for more details.

According to mtgcollectionbuilder.com I've got 530 cards (out of 540). But that makes sense because this set doesn't contain land cards even though the boosters do. Those land cards are of the Shadows over Innistrad set, so that's a little wonky. Yeah, turns out I must have because the number of cards from the rare slot is 38. I got 14 land cards (so the others for that slot were foils, checklists, or whatever).

I have 38 marketing cards. That's weird. Two of them have marketing printed on both sides (crap) so I'm not entirely sure what happend here. I may have mixed in two additional boosters, although then the total would be 570 and I'm nowhere near that number. *shrug*

The site says I have 182/205 cards at a total value of $94.75. Note that for quoted prices here I use whatever the site is quoting me, which is set at "low" estimate.

The highest valued cards I got for this set are "Liliana, the Last Hope" ($32.50), "Gisela, the Broken Blade" ($8), 3x (!) "Collective Brutality" ($3.50), "Spell Queller" ($3.50), "Thalia, Heretic Cathar" ($1.60), "Tree of Perdition" ($1.50), and "Elder Deep-Fiend" ($1.20). The rest is $1 or below. That's a pretty good yield. There are some high value myths I missed on, of course, but after the Origins box I can hardly complain about this :)

I got 5 myth rares, once again slightly beating the odds (4.5 myths per booster box). However, one is a flipcard so I think I actually didn't beat the odds, just was lucky on the flipcard slot.

Also got 41 rares, of which 2 were foil, 5 were flip cards (one of them foil), and 8 dupes (inc one flipcard dupe). I don't remember whether the flipcard was in the flipcard slot or the land card slot. But that means (5 - 1) + (41 - 7) = 38. So yeah, I must have shuffled two extra boosters into this set somehow. Okay, whatever.

This set also boasts super size flip cards which is kinda nice I think. I got at least two of them complete (the rats and the angels).

The box had 9 foils, 2 of them basic land cards, 1 of them a flip card (though I don't think the flipcard slot can be foil...).

I got 26 god-damn checklist cards. There's only two different ones so that once again feels like a huge waste because I think it takes up the land card slot. Then just give me lands anyways, this feels worse.

The marketing cards were; 3x double sided marketing crap, 5x zombie, 5x spirit, 1x human, 9x eldrazi horror, 1x tamiyo's emblem, 1x devil, 3x human soldier, 2x insect, 1x human wizard, 3x spider, and 4x wolf. I suppose the 3 crap cards were a relieve compared to what I got from the Origins box. But they are still a slight disappointment.

This box was totally worth it to me. Apart from the total value estimated at $95 (slightly skewed by the two extra boosters, whose actual contents I don't remember), the flipcards add so much more value to the boosters. It's almost ridiculous how much that affects the boosters. The land cards not being part of this set is a little meh. I mean, then just don't include them in favor of something else.

Next up is Kaladesh... But I haven't even scanned that one so that might take a while :)