New heatfiler in the making


I'm nearly finished on rewriting my heatmap profiler, HeatFiler. It's a tool you can use to profile your JavaScript. It's count based (so not time based), fully client-side, and fully visual.

The new features are things like a source code thumb (see the entire source code on the right side of the screen for quick navigation), JIT information (argument types, function return types, expression value types), improved expression boolean result (makes it easier to optimize the order of long conditions), and a generally improved UI.

I've also upgraded it to use ZeParser2. Or rather, I've rewritten it from scratch using ZeParser2 :)

I've uploaded some screenshots for your amusement ;)

I'm going to be a bit busy with my talk for the Fronteers conference in two weeks, as well as the first Art of JavaScript workshop that preceeds it. And a bit of life after that. So I'm not sure when I'll have time to properly wrap this up and publish this :) I also need to decide whether I want to replace the contents of the current repo or upload this to a new repo like I've done with ZeParser...

Anyways. The current HeatFiler can be found on github (or at the live demo). Have fun with that in the mean time :)