Wow how time flies. Did you know the next JS1k will be the tenth year (!!) to run this competition. That's amazing. To celebrate this I figured we should go all in so for the next edition the whole thing will be themed around ten.

This means; You have ten months to prepare. The theme will be X. You can win 10x10 moneys. And, in addition, to honor the original inspiration of this competition ("An Event Apart 10k"); you can submit a 1k demo!

Look, I wanted to sport 10k as a prize but ultimately I've got a family etc. Gotta have priorities.

For this purpose I've put up a special domain; js10k.com (how was that still available after all this time!), although note that the competition will just run on js1k.com :)

So start prepping! I know 10k is a lot but you have 10 months for it so that should be more than enough time to deliver something super impressive. I'm expecting Unreal Engines here, you know.

Regular rules will apply otherwise. Good luck!

See you on js10k.com! :D

Edit: April fools! :) The limit is still 1k, the rest is real though!