JS1K 2013: Spring


Sooo... another year, another js1k. Of course.

I'd like to announce, well ahead of any kind of schedule, the theme suggestion for the next js1k! The theme will be "Spring"!

Feel free to interpret that any way you'd like (hint: season, pressure/force sensitive trinket, escape/let go, reveal in surprise, relieve somebody (money/prison/etc), or to ignore it complete and turn in something unrelated.

I'm expecting many fancy physics demos like the winner of 2011: FlexiDR↻ID. As well as pretty landscapes like the 2012 winner: Autumn Evening.

To be honest, the theme was in no way inspired by either demo. In fact, I only discovered the coincidence while writing this blog post ;0 I just wanted to use another simple and open word, like "love" in the previous competition. I think people were able to work with that very well and so I hope they can for this too.

I've been looking for a nice unicode character, but that turned out to be harder than expected. Here's what I've come up with: ℥ 𝛏 ⅏ 🌷 𝆱 𝆲 ⟿ ᕒ ♨ ⚜ ⚘ 🐇 🐰 (no, not all of these render on my system either ;)). Alternative suggestions are welcome!

I don't really have a schedule yet, but it will probably be similar to last year. So submissions will be open for about month, month-and-a-half, starting around February. This should give you a decent heads up so I want no excuses; there's a full xmas holiday coming up! ;)

If you get all enthusiastic and can't wait to submit your demos and want to post somewhere else, I only ask that you link to the js1k site (and later the actual submission), so that people get inspired and hopefully submit their own demo when the time comes.

As far as prizes go, I've got nothing right now :p But I'll see what I can do.

Rules will remain pretty much the same, except I'll have to decide on Safari and IE. Either they're both in or they're both out. Not sure yet; opinions? Multiple demos are still welcome, but only the last submission counts. See previous rules for a good guide otherwise :)

Well... what are you waiting for? Put on that thinking cap and start writing fancy demos!