World cup particles


I love to do animations and graphics, but I can't really do the math. So after seeing a simple particle system by Daniel Puhe, I started playing around with it. Tweaking it a little and trying to figure out how the sin and cos influence the system. This thing is such a time waster :)

After a while I figured that I could probably make the particles favor a certain point, when not moving towards the mouse. So I wanted to project an image and have the particles depict that image. It's probably not very original, but I like the result anyways.

So you can find "our guys" on (wk = world cup, in Dutch ;)).
Original particle script at

Note that the engine (at the time of writing) performs best in Opera/win or Safari/mac. Firefox is very very slow and screws up eventually. But of course browsers change every day so who knows what it's like in a few weeks...

Hope you enjoy it :)