Web 3.0


In the beginning, there was the web. Then the web evolved to web 2.0 with lots of ajax and dhtml buzzwords. This gag has been running for a while now and while innovations are still being found, they still thrive on the foundations of Javascript as part of the browser. So they don't amount to more than, say, web 2.1 maybe 2.2.

So what's next? What amounts to Web 3.0?

For a while now, web 3.0 is said to be all about the semantic web. And while from an academic point of view I really like this semantic web thing, it just doesn't seem to be working. Even with the rise of HTML5 Apps ($$ ;)) I don't see this fact changing any time soon. This is especially due to the whole pragmatic html clause thing.

Thing is, developers aren't interested in marking up their HTML as semantic as possible. It's too much work! Instead, they'll only use it where they find it convenient. This problem makes the semantic restricted to a rather small group of users. Not quite web 3.0, I would say.

So I envision a more fitting role for web 3.0... The web in 3D.

I think 2011 will be "the year of 3D", where 3D movies and television becomes mainstream. This is partially dependent on big sport events being broadcasted in 3D and the pricing of 3D televisions.

So once people have grown accustomed to looking at 3D, it paves the way for 3D on the web. And while there are a few UX bridges to be gapped, I think there are lots and lots of possibilities. Depth is easy, any z-index assignment with a measure like px (whatever that should be...) gives an element some kind of depth.

The next step is some kind of webcam and finger tracking software and we're very close to the Minority Report Interface. It will happen... Count on it.

I have a dream.. :p

2010-03-23 Update: Nintendo announced their Nintendo 3DS. A bold but, I believe, smart move. Either it's the start of the next generation handheld battle or Sony and the rest are going to lose that battle right there and then.