So I bought myself a new domain. I decided that, if I want to push my software to an international market, I'd better have an international domain for it.

So to prevent having to take a huge name like (still free btw ;)) I searched through a dozen of "expired domains" websites. Sites that list the domains that have been expired. Heck knows where they get their info from, but ok. Did you know that over a million .com domains expire a day? That's just .com!

So after scanning through the list of domains I created a little script to filter out the long names. I was basically looking for some 4-6 letter domainname that sounded ok.

Eventually I ended up with Somewhat to my surprise that domain had been available again for a while so I gather nobody has any interest in it at all. Well, suits me fine.

I'll put my project page there soon. Soon not being this month though, I need to finish a lot of work if I'm to finish my study this autumn...