Quick note. Revamped the looks of the website a little. Added some fonts, changed colors, added a typical column color layout and added some background tiles to make it look less stale.

You can use the colorpicker I've created to change the looks of the entire page (requires javascript or you won't see the link at all).

With the help of I've added some fonts. Thanks Jonathan Snook! Oh hint on the font-squirrel service; It suggests putting the TTF last, but it seems you get much better results if you put the TTF version first. Can't say whether that applies on the targeted other platforms though (iPhone and such). I spoke with Jonathan at the Fronteers conference yesterday and he told me he figured out the same thing and asked fontsquirrel to change the order. The initial order had to do with the svg file being much better compressed.

Changed the Twitter link to just target my Twitter account, as showing a list of #qfox tags will just result in an empty list most of the time ;)

I'll be adding more features later. First I'll be on vacation in Spain, and the week after I'll be pretty busy with Fronteers (meeting, drink and hopefully the conference).

Time to relax! Let's pack my bags :)