Closure Tools


So Google released a JS library of their own. They decided to coin the library "Closure Tools". Now, this goes in line of their naming convention of using normal dictionary words or lingo. The problem with it I have is that it's going to cast even more confusion over the features of Javascript itself to new developers.

The first thing they say whenever I ask whether they know about prototype in Javascript is "Oh, Prototype, yeah it's a library that's got everything". Whereas I'm trying to figure whether they know about prototypal inheritance. Meh.

I see the same problem rising with Google's new library. Being Google, it'll automatically gain some traction (although it might have the same competative problems as with browsers) so the name will soon be part of the list of libs. It just sounds weird to me that nobody thought of this problem. Or maybe I'm just the only who thinks this is a problem...

As for the library itself; I checked it out and.. yep. It's a library.