The and domains have been spammed like since forever. Nothing new there. All domains get spam. Shorter more than longer ones, popular more than unpopular (these aren't popular :)).

At this point these two domains receive about 1500 to 2000 spam mail every day, on a catchall address. Interestingly enough, it only takes about 28 targeted addresses to filter most of it away. These include the popular info@ (, nfo@) and webmaster@, but also an old email that was listed on an earlier website of mine in plain text (so don't send anything to that address :p).

The most common other address that's targeted is iamjustsendingthisleter@. Do a quick google for the (oncorrectly spelled) address and you'll have lot's of friends.

For some reason, sbxq@ kpyvv@ and juqb@ catch quite a lot of attention as well. Two other addresses were used on a public forum, so I had that coming, I guess. They were probably caught by some spider.

Then nanu@, am_nanu@ and several variations seem to grow some traction as well. "nanu" seems to be "hello" in some foreign language...

The newest additions to the list are balisee545@ and barismes170@, neither of which give any hits on google.

This basically makes up for 99% of my spam, only a few mail actually still lands into the spambox (the rest is immediately filtered to the trash, do not go through start).

Whatever is left, seems to be handled fine by google. It's just that their spam filter returns false positives every now and then. So I want to be able to look into my spambox and quickly see whether that happened again. This way, I can :)