Site updates


I've added an RSS feed (again..), as it has was missing for about two years. It's cached and only updated when I add new items. It uses a last-modified header, which only Safari refuses to use (and after a few hours of trying, I just gave up on that crap). Also, why is Firefox only showing the first channel? Rss is supposed to support multiple channels, why only show the first when somebody actually starts using them :s Anyways, you can choose between a feed for my notes, weblog or both (as channels). Maybe I'll change that so both sections are in the same channel, but I don't really want to.

I've changed the url structure slightly, replacing the ? for a /. The old structure is still supported, though. So you can still reach the posts by notes?1 (but you will be redirected to notes/1).

I've also removed the custom fonts for body text and code examples. I was not happy with the way some characters were shown and could not find a decent replacement. So for now I'll rely on Georgia as main font and whatever monospace is, for the monospaced parts.

There are a few things left to do now.

I want to allow comments again. It seems like twitter is nice for the short-term, but in the long term my own comment area is more valuable...

The URL's should have their title appended to it (step one was to change the structure to a directory type, next will be an optional title). Clearly a SEO thing ;)

I'm also thinking about the layout, but might not mess with that for now. I've been wanting to use a more griddier approach for some time now, but can't really decide on the exact specs... :)

I want to be able to inline html and maybe even php from my "CMS" (if you want to call it that, I don't). It's currently not possible.

The project page needs a little revamp.

Ohwell. In a year or two, when this site finally does get a redesign, I'll probably remove this post again :p As usual.