No like


I no like the way things are going lately. I mean, things are going great for me. Really, I'm quite happy where I am right now. Even though I've spent the better half of this week getting a site to work in IE6, with CSS as my only tool. No, I'm just fine. I am talking about technology though. The web in general as well as the economical changes we're going through.

Let's start with the obvious suspect here: Facebook. I was looking at a poster which was the online world of 2007. I don't know the source, might have been an XKCD creation. Anyways, the continent containing the social media had a huge area for Myspace. And why I was wondering how Myspace ever got the market share it had, I looked at Facebook. It was a small country compared to Myspace. Look at it now. It's well on its way of passing Google as the largest technology company. Well okay, they're not quite there yet, but they're sure trying.

But ever since their conference a few weeks back they seem to be taking a more aggressive methodology. Of course they've introduced the like button which took the web by storm. But they've also been covered by the media due to numerous privacy related matters. The past week I've heard about an exploit where video conferencing and other personal information could be viewed by anyone, for a few bucks you can own a few thousand Facebook accounts and their privacy policy is causing law in some American state. No, I no like the way Facebook is facing (sorry, I'll stop the puns). I'm sure they're doing a great job at taking over the market, but these things stack up and at some point it's going to bite them. Hard.

Then there's Google. Google has actually been pretty quiet since my last rant. Well, relatively speaking of course. And Google I/O is coming up next week. My colleagues have been playing with their new Nexus Ones all week (a gift for those who're going). Most interesting development there is the new search page interface.

Now I've had a small discussion with some colleagues about that this morning. I think they're going to make the same mistake as all the other companies have in the past. They are finally crowding their core website and this is going to end bad. Well, that was my opinion anyways. They argued that a; Google will have investigated this long and hard before making the final transition. And I'm sure they have. b; people have gotten used to search pages. The "mistake" made by Yahoo and others will pass now as it doesn't take users by surprise. And maybe that's correct. Then again, less is more. I'm positive.

Apple is being their good old self. Remaining stubborn in their "openness" policy, picking fights with Adobe (but kind of supported in this fight by Microsoft and Opera...) and now getting sued by Nokia. Patents. Damn those patents. It'll be an interesting day when the whole patent bubble bursts. Whether it be software patents ruled invalid, H.264 vs Theora or some major company having to discontinue its main product because it got knifed by patent trolls. Which makes Nokia a patent troll. They're playing a dangerous game there since I'm certain a lot of their products will cross at least some patents held by others. This will blow up.

And then there's economics. The whole economic situation has so far not hurt me personally. I've switched jobs, quite successfully (and happily). People around me aren't getting hit either, except maybe my best friend, but he simply doesn't know what he wants to do, rather than not being able to get a job :p

But the problems are stacking up. I said the crisis was beginning to pass (did I mention that in a blog? I don't remember). I predicted in '09 that the crisis would mostly be over in '10. I guess that's still correct, at least in this country. As far as "my world" is concerned there's little to be seen of an economic crisis. But of course, I read lots of news. And abroad, things aren't going so well. Greece is down. Portugal, Spain and the UK are standing in line. Today our government has agreed to spend lend a few billion Euro's to Greece. Where the hell do we get that kind of money anyways. And what kind of an incomprehensible amount is 110 billion Euro anyways. Seriously. And in the mean time Greece announced "a few" budget cuts. Of course Greece doesn't agree with that and is rioting all the way. Good luck with that... and our money.

But how in the world are we going to pay for Spain and the other countries, which are almost undoubtfully going to follow? At some point, aren't we going to have a problem? I guess we'll see, but I'm not really looking forward to it right now.

And finally, what the hell actually happened to the Dow yesterday? Seriously, that's an interesting event right there. Did some trader actually screw up and put B instead of M? Is one trader really able to do that an cause that much of a ripple in the US market? Seriously? That's so cool. Oh wait, no the hell it isn't. How much trouble would that person be in right about now? Iphone finder or Gizmodo, suck on that. Enter lawsuits. That bank, if true, is going down. It's no wonder that no bank has come forward with it. Then again, the rumors could just as well be false. It might be a computer error, it might be a glitch in the Matrix. It might be a dark secret government screw-up being covered up. Who knows.

It's interesting how the market first crashed 10% and then recovered back to a loss of 4%. I mean, we're talking major numbers here. A _lot_ of money changed hands during this event. Mostly thanks to computers and automated trading. Damnit, I need to get into that automatic trading business. Who wants to sponsor me? :)