Razer Mamba Sucks


The Razer Mamba is a 120 eur wireless mouse. I think it's fair to say that it's far and beyond into the expensive range of mice. But that's alright, I can spot that. I've been using this old default fuji mouse that I don't even know where I got it from. I've been looking to replace it for a while but mice are a tricky beast.

I finally let myself go and chose the wireless mouse that fit my hands best, from a brick and mortar store because I need to feel the mouse in order to judge how it'll work with my hands.

The Razer Mamba fits great in my hands. It's relatively heavy, which I like. Switching between the old fuji and the mamba makes a world of difference. Both in weight and in mobility. But of course, the fact that I'm still switching between the old and the new is a bad sign. Bad indeed.

Let's start with the good.

The good

Great package. Hey it has to be said, you get the mouse on a pedestal and in its base it has all kinds of stuff packed together in nice little boxes. Great care obviously was spent on packaging so that was nice.

The mouse itself, as I said, is bulky which is why I picked it in the first place. Its back touches the palm of my hands rather than having to have my hand arched over the mouse all the time. The mouse has some extra buttons but not a gazzilion of them and let's face it, I _never_ use them anyways so in a way less is better.

Scroll and clicks are fine. I was really looking for a "magic mouse" inertial scroll mouse, but there's no decent mouse that offers that so I guess I'm stuck with wheels for now.

The two thumb buttons are really conveniently placed. In my natural position I don't even wander the risk of pressing them. But I can easily change this stance so that I can use them with ease. That's nice, although in the past two weeks I've still not really used them so it may still be wasted on me.

The mamba comes with a docking station. That's kinda nice feature because that means you won't have to mess with batteries. I can feel myself saving money already! And micro-usb is generic so I can charge the mouse by any power socket basically. No need to attach it to a computer. Nice.

The usb cable, with kind of a weird micro-usb head, is quite long so the docking station does not have to be right next to your mouse. Ooh and look at the pretty blue leds.

The usb cable can also be connected directly to the mouse. Also a nice feature in case you run out of batteries, but I chose this mouse because it was wireless so unless I have to the feature is kind of lost on me. Still, it's nice to have.

Could not find a usb dongle. Hey it already works. Ok nice so it saves a usb port, though then how does it even send the signal in the first place. Hmmmm..

The bad

It uses the docking station as a receiver point. The docking station must be connected to the computer in order to use the mouse wirelessly. So you do have to occupy a usb port for it. That's fine, nobody expected otherwise, it was just a little counterintuitive to me.

This also means the docking station is pretty much soldered to the computer. While possible, you won't be charging your mouse to a power socket directly. But that's just the bad of it.

Another annoying thing, probably for me personally, is that the right side of the mouse has a partial slick surface. It's probably not so bad except my ring finger rests there and the surface makes it think it's sweating. I keep rubbing my ring finger continuously because it thinks it's moist with sweat. While you get used to it, it's a bit annoying. And weird. Was not expecting that. I don't really blame Razer for this one, but it's still something on the bad.

The ugly

THE BATTERY LASTS ABOUT A DAY, IF THAT. What the actual fuck, Razer? I have 10$ mice that last months on a single AA battery. Your 120$ mouse runs one day on a 5 hour charge? What's that? "I can just plug in the cable"? Why do you think I bought a wireless mouse to begin with?

I'm seriously pissed off by this. A charging station should be a convenience, not a life dependency for a mouse. I get that this mouse is trying to be more accurate and it needs more power for that. But if you can't even last a week or two on a single charge, I just don't get you.

And you may think, a day, sure put it in the charging station during the night. Yeah but my days are long. I spend most of it behind the computer. And even when I do take a break or get out of the house, I won't think of putting the mouse in the docking station, turned off. I'll think of doing that when going to bed, maybe, sometimes. But usually it just dies on me before I remember that I forgot to.

And dat docking station. Besides having perty leds, which eventually just become annoying tbh, WAKES UP THE COMPUTER FROM SUSPEND WHEN YOU SUSPEND IT. This may be a linux thing, but I'm not sure. When I suspend the computer the charging station seems to take notice, it wakes up and in turn immediately wakes up the just-suspended computer. I have to do this four times before I take the mouse out and try again. (As a workaround I disabled wakeup from usb3 ports... but that's very meh)

Mouse wakeup is nice, charging station wakeup is just fucked up.

And while charging while the computer is off is a nice thought, having the docking station hooked up to your computer (only) means it needs to charge through usb passthrough. This means it must be hooked up to a usb3 slot, because older usb ports are usually powered down when the computer is. I suppose that's a minor point, but still.


Look, I like working with this mouse. It fits my hands nicely, it's accurate and responsive as far as I can tell (nothing else matters), and it moves nicely over the desk.

The battery, the docking station, well that's just super bad. If I can't even, say, spend 12 continuous hours with my mouse I may as well get a new one.

And if it's charging station wakes up my computer after having it just put to sleep, only because I put the mouse in it for charging purposes, it's just bad design. This may just be a bad usb design, not so much Razer, but that doesn't get them off the hook. They should have taken notice of this and found and offered an alternative way of setting it all up.

In retrospect it would be better if the charging station was only used to charge. Optionally use it as a charging AND connecting device to your computer, but have the option of a dongle to do this for you and connect the charger to a wall socket directly.

I'm not sure how they would fix the battery because I'm assuming it's already at least half-decent. Maybe there could be a "regular" or "green" mode where it loses some accuracy but extends the usage time of a single charge to like two weeks. I have a feeling I wouldn't notice a major difference between these modes.

So yeah. BRB getting a different mouse.