Offline pokergame


I like poker, but not to play online, let alone for money. I do like to watch it on tv though.Now I was looking for an offline application allowing me to play Texas hold'em against bots. Not as easy as you'd think with the current hype around poker. When searching for it you'll get lost in the million hits about pokersites, online games, trackers (keeps track of your stats) and statistical calculators (what are your odds on a certain hand).Today I finally came across a decent pokergame allowing me to play bots. It was listed on a website about a poker bot competition, why am I not surprised :pIf you were looking for a pokergame that plays on your desktop (so not fullscreen with annoying graphics you don't want to see anyways) and which you can move in a corner while doing other things, go to Poker Academy. Costs about 35 euro. The demo gives you 5 hours of playtime :p